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Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2016, 15:34

Czech Hunter 214

Czech Hunter 214

Runtime: 60 min.
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Days are getting colder. Especially the evenings. A friend told me that he knows about a quite cute guy, 18 years old and the best way to meet him is after his football-training. So I waited in the cold for about half an hour. But nobody was coming out that stadium. Then I noticed a young guy collecting signatures. He approached me and wanted me to sign a petition against smoking in the stadium. He didn’t really look like those anti-smoking-activists that usually initiate such petitions. And after a short chat I found out that he was just a student getting paid for this. 900 CZK for a whole day in the cold.You can imagine that he didn’t hesitate too long when I offered him 2000 CZK for having a quick look at his cock. He considered my 2nd proposal as much more weird…


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