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Friday, August 9th 2019, 9:58pm

Down Austin Lane

Down Austin Lane

Title: Down Austin Lane
Genre: Hunks
Runtime: 81 Min.
Language/s: English
Video Stream: DVD-5
Audio Stream: Line
Video Codec: MPEG-2
Size: 3390 MB
Parts: 8


For Down Austin Lane, Chi Chi LaRue got some of the hottest and yummiest boys together to do the do - just check out that fucking cast. It includes the back-to-the-porn-scene Austin, the always yummy Dean Phoenix, and cover model Lane Fuller of All Worlds' Tales from the Foxhole and Falcon's epic Absolute Aqua.

Unfortunately, not every scene here works as well as it should have. Austin is a bit rigid at times, but he looks amazing and his scene with the ripped, cut, and all-around hubba Nino Bacci really cooks. Lots of deep throating, rubbing, and big cumsplats.

Lane - who would look good even in a burlap potato bag - bats about .500 here. His scene with Alex Wilcox is pretty standard and kind of tedious, although it does end with Lane taking a heaping helping of heatcream in the face. His other scene is in a porn arcade, and is really sleazy... and really good! Chi Chi was always quite good with the "hooking up in the bookstore" motif. The creaky plot is disposed of pretty quickly, but all ends well with a terrific outdoor group fuck that features most of the cast.

All in all, if the battle of the buff blondes is something that gets you sticky, and you like your sex hot but not over-the-top rough-n-raunchy, you'd be foolish not to take a meander down Austin, Dean, or Lane's lane.

Cast: Austin, Lane Fuller, Alex Wilcox, Chad Savage, Clint Cooper, David, Dean Phoenix, Dillon Pierce, Luke Sabre, Luke Savage, Nino Bacci, Shane Rockford, Tom Adams
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Screenwriter: Doug Jeffries
Editor: Andrew Rosen
Executive Producer: Dirk Yates
Producer: Dan Cross
Composer/Score: Rock Hard
Videographer: James C. Stark
Country: US
Year: 2000
Studio : All Worlds Video

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