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Samstag, 2. März 2019, 20:17

Brent Corrigans Summit


Title: Summit
Genre: Twinks
Runtime: 100 Min.
Video Stream: DVD-5
Audio Stream: Stereo
Video Codec: MPEG-2
Size: 4270 MB
Parts: 9


Put ten hot young men in a large cabin up in the mountains and what do you get? Sex and more sex. Watch the mix of straight and gay on a winter vacation in one of the most scenic location in the US! Lake Tahoe may never be the same after Brent's boys visit for a week of fun! Brent Corrigan introduces himself and welcomes everyone to his directorial debut. Sitting in front of a blazing fireplace in his red pajamas, Brent describes his first Prodigy Pictures project for Dirty Bird Pictures.

Released: 2008
Country: US
Studio : Dirty Bird Pictures
Cast: Brent Corrigan, Mason Wyler, Reese Reynolds, Damien White, Kodie Payne, Brooklyn Ray, Adam Wells, Keegan Kemp, Jacob Powell, Justin Tyler
Director: Brent Corrigan

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