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[DVD 9] Taboo 1



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Taboo 1

Taboo 1

Title: Taboo 1
Genre: Bareback
Runtime: 122 Min.
Video Stream: DVD-9
Audio Stream: Stereo
Video Codec: MPEG-2
Size: 7410 MB
Parts: 16


Here it is gentleman - the one you've heard everyone talking about. The ultimate taboo is finally broken as chiseled identical twins Milo and Elijah Peters go all the way in Bel Ami's Taboo. Directed by Lukas Ridgeston, our jaws were on the floor and our hands on our crotches from the second we hit play. (It's like an Abercrombie & Fitch ad meets David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers - but, you know, without the gynecological exams and drug-induced suicides.) The twins interact with fan faves Brandon Manilow, Dolph Lambert, Manuel Rios, and yak-hung Trevor Yates, but it's their scene together that will leave you breathless, culminating in bareback fucking and cum-load swallowing. (Now how's that for an OMFG alert!) It's practically like watching a mirror have sex with itself.

Our lovely friends at Bel Ami have gone one step further by providing us with an exclusive bonus disc filled with documentary footage and even more hardcore twin shenanigans. (Twinanigans!) You won't find this version anywhere else, so if you want it you've cum to the right place. We'll have our full play-by-play review posted soon, but just know that Taboo: The Peters Twins is without a doubt 2010's most controversial, most eye-popping, and most cumshot-enticing. Everything you've heard is true. Now... see for yourself.

Cast: Elijah Peters, Milo Peters, Brandon Manilow, Dolph Lambert, Manuel Rios, Trevor Yates
Director: Lukas Ridgeston
Country: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic
Year: 2009
Studio : Bel Ami, Lukas Ridgeston

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