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[DVD 5] Parker's Mirage



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Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017, 12:02

Parker's Mirage

Parker's Mirage [SD + 720p]

Title: Parker's Mirage [DVD]
Genre: Muscle
Runtime: 87 Min.
Language/s: English
Video Stream: DVD-5
Audio Stream: Line
Video Codec: MPEG-2
Size: 4150 MB
Parts: 9


"The Mirage Resort is the perfect destination for Parker London and his group of horny friends to spend a wild weekend of lusty abandon in Parker's Mirage.

Parker London strolls out onto the terrace to find Devon Hunter texting on his mobile. He asks his friend why he's wasting time on his phone when there're better things to do for fun. Devon agrees and immediately begins sucking Parker's cock, enjoying the taste of his meat and fuzzy balls. Hungry himself, Parker takes his turn; he goes down on Devon's dick, swallowing it all the way to the base. Devon then buries his face between Parker's asscheeks and licks his asshole making the big man gasp with gratitude. Ready for more, Devon plants himself on his buddy's thick cock and rides until he shoots his load, gasping with glee as his cum spills out. Then Parker positions himself behind Devon and fucks him fast and hard. He holds onto Devon's hips to help propel himself deeper inside his asshole until no longer able to hold back, he pulls out and blasts jets of cum.

Jake Austin and Logan Drake are relaxing poolside, already busy at play when Cliff Jensen swims up to join them. Logan stuffs his mouth full with Jake's dick while he's hungrily throating Cliff's cock and balls. It's a win-win situation for all three as they lose themselves in this lusty 3-man exercise. Logan then sucks off both his companions, Cliff first, then Jake, then both of them simultaneously. Logan gets down on his knees and Cliff mounts him. Both of their butts are staring Jake in the face and he takes on the challenge -- massaging their assholes with his tongue. Then with Logan on his back with his legs in the air, Jake fucks his asshole with hard thrusts while Cliff watches with approval. The men switch things up and Logan slams Jake while he's busy fellating Cliff. Then Jake sits on Cliff's lap to bounce up and down his big cock until he ejaculates. Logan jerks himself off in thick spurts while Cliff pulls his own cock... delivering every last drop of thick cum.

Parker London tries resting outside by the pool, but there's this sensation tingling in his loins. He slides his briefs down and his already engorged cock pops out. He grabs a hold of the stiff slab of meat and begins to stroke it, his hand sliding up and down the shaft. He leans back, eyes closed, and continues masturbating. Parker slips off his briefs, freeing himself completely to really enjoy the experience. He then grabs an ice cube and begins to cool himself down... sliding the frozen block across his nipples, then down his abs and then all over his dick and balls. The coldness generates a kinky excitement that enhances the thrill he's feeling and when he finally tickles his asshole with the cube, he's ready to blow. Parker strokes himself off, his hand bobbing up and down his dick shaft until he finally blasts ribbons of hot cum over his abs and chest.

Donny Wright and Corey Martin haven't even left their room; they're too busy getting better acquainted. Corey plants his face in Donny's crotch, his lips encircling his partner's stiff cock as he sucks it down his throat. Then they change roles with Donny now fellating on Corey's cock, its thickness and length stretching his mouth wide. Ready for more, Corey climbs atop his buddy and squats over him, opening his asshole to take in Donny's big swollen prick. They fuck without taking a break, moving into different positions, both of them panting with pleasure until Donny pulls out and coats Corey's backside with showers of cum. Then leaning back against Donny's chest, Corey jerks himself off until he finally blows his load.

Parker London's all ready to cook breakfast for Tyler Andrews but there's nothing in the fridge. Tyler knows what would really satisfy him and he gets down on his knees to feed on Parker's fat meaty sausage. He works feverishly even as Parker's got a hold on his head to steady him as he facefucks him. The tables turn and Parker gets his chance to go down on Tyler. He slobbers excitedly all over his pal's erect tool, swallowing it deep down his throat. He then gets behind Tyler, sliding his dick inside his asshole slowly and gently. Once he's snug inside, Parker fucks his partner in a steady rhythm. The sensations of pleasure are building up in both guys rousing Parker to finally yield his ass to Tyler. He lays down and Tyler fucks him with a ferocity that quickly has Parker shooting his load up across his belly. Tyler then pulls out and adds a hefty contribution to Parker's dripping load."

Cast: Parker London, Cliff Jensen, Corey Martin, Devon Hunter, Donny Wright, Jake Austin, Logan Drake, Tyler Andrews
Director: Uncredited
Country: US
Year: 2011
Studio : Jocks Studios

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