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[DVD 5] SoldierBoy



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Friday, October 25th 2019, 9:24pm



Title: SoldierBoy
Genre: Twinks
Runtime: 121 Min.
Language/s: English
Video Stream: DVD-5
Audio Stream: Line
Video Codec: MPEG-2
Size: 3650 MB
Parts: 8 files
Password: gaypower


The opening scene sees no expense spared as the lads are on a training mission all kitted out in their army togs, all performing field manoeuvres with explosions going off everywhere. This is a top quality opening sequence to a porn film and totally realistic.

James Grant as you will see from the front cover picture is very manly and fit, as is Tom Schwarz standing next to him on the front cover as well, although Schwarz has a more boyish look to his face. Schwarz has dark brown hair which is short, with a bit of a fringe; he has a very lean smooth ripped body. Grant has a slightly heavier body build but is just as ripped as Schwarz body wise, but has light short brown hair and a couple of well placed tattoos.

The first scene starts off with Grant talking to a new recruit about the time before he joined the army, when he found two soldier boys in a field having sex together. The two men in question happen to be Dream Boy stud Tom Schwarz and Jacen Maxence. Grant some distance away unzips and wanks off watching the soldier boys getting it on. Jacen has a similar body build and height to that of Schwarz, but has blond short hair. Both Maxence and Schwarz give us very good squirting cum shots and Schwarz is quite athletic, when fucking Maxence's butt hole doggy style. Both guys are like man bitches on heat with each other.

Grant informs us of a time when he had his army medical for new recruits, which makes way for a totally fantastic group orgy. Chris Cooke (Spy Boy fame) makes an explosive comeback, as he quite clearly meets his bottom equal in the form of James Grant. The other two new recruits are Cameron Jackson and Jay Renfro and alongside Cooke, is his Medical Orderly Johan Volny. After the traditional bollock feeling and man hole inspections, Cooke discovers from their erect cocks that they are all "bummer" boys, that is when Cooke wastes no more time and goes straight down on Grant's rock hard boner, with his gagging for it big mouth. Whilst Jackson, Renfro and Volny do their threesome thing, Cooke and Grant fuck each others faces harder and harder and once Cooke starts fucking Grant's man hole, these two end up like two men possessed by a cock devil. Cooke and Grant are so up for each other on camera it looks amazing. Meanwhile Jay Renfro gets double penetrated by Volny and Jackson in quite an athletic eye watering way. Grant sucks Cooke's cock after Cooke has cum and Renfro sucks on Volny's and Jackson's cocks when they have cum too. This scene alone is brilliant.

As the film continues we easily find out more and more that Grant is one hell of a bottom man bitch, his PT Instructor buggers the hell out of him in the great out doors and Grant even begs him to fuck him harder, which makes Grant moan "fucking hell" in a cockney accent a number of times, which makes the scene even more horny.

Grant makes his way through a cook, but only after the officer they are both looking after is served by them both. The cook Ben Hunter gets fed up of them both having to serve the officer so he wanks off into a jug then pours cream into it and Grant serves the cream to the officer for his coffee. The Orderly Officer Justin Scott catches Hunter fucking Grant in the kitchen and joins in on the action. Scott turns out to be a good squirter and takes Grant's cum in his mouth when Grant shoots in it.

Grant gets caught having sex with new recruit Andre O' Layton by a land rover, under a camouflage tent. Boyish Smooth Layton does a good job fucking Grant and then Grant gets Layton on top of the Land Rover and gives Layton a doggy fuck. Grants Commanding Officer charges him and gives him 28 days detention!

Grant's detention finally leads him to his hot dream boy Tom Schwarz and in their detention cell Grant wastes no time in getting to know Schwarz. Grant tops Schwarz and the scene is a nice end to the film.

With another group scene included during a room inspection this film is easily the best British gay porn film made to date. The models have been carefully chosen for this, which helps you believe they really could be in the army and the sex, music, direction and design have all been done extremely well. You won't find a more realistic army type gay porno than this. Eurocreme have lifted British gay porn to new standards of production and quality!

Released: 2005
Stars: Andre O'Layton, Andrew Dean, Ben Hunter, Ben Taylor, Billy Slade, Cameron Jackson, Chris Cooke, David James, Jacen Maxence, Jay Renfro, Justin Scott, Patrik, Richi, Robbie G, Sebastian Court
Studio: Eurocreme
Director: Max Lincoln

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