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[Muskeln] Ram Jet



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Sonntag, 18. März 2018, 16:08

Ram Jet

Ram Jet

Title: Ram Jet
Genre: Muscle
Runtime: 86 Min.
Language/s: English
Video Stream: DVD-RIP
Audio Stream: Line
Video Codec: MPEG-4 DivX / Xvid
Size: 1321,2 MB
Parts: 7 files
Password: gaypower


Pilots Max Grand and Alec Powers can’t find a girl to hook up with so they go to an adult bookstore to get a pussy magazine. When they see Private Drew Andrews leaving the store with a gay magazine they decide they might as well take advantage of his craving for cock. They ambush Drew in the barracks and force him to suck them off. Max eats out Drew’s ass to get it ready for his cock and then pounds him while he is sucking on Alec. Once Max has had enough he turns things over to Alec who pounds Drew good and hard until they shoot.

Later Alec gets a letter from one of his buddies who is serving oversees. He tells him about the “unique” interrogation methods that are being applied over there. Young Bryan Kidd is the subject of one of these interrogations at the hands of muscle daddy Blue Blake. Blue fingers and spits in Bryan’s ass and tells him that he’s about to lose his cherry if he doesn’t tell them what he wants to hear. When Bryan can’t answer Blue’s questions he takes a merciless pounding from the stud while two other officers watch.

Back at the base, Alec blows a load thinking about the hot interrogation scene. As soon as he shoots Max barges in and tells Alec they need to get in the air, they have a mission to fly over enemy territory. When Max’s plane is shot down enemy officer Blue Blake captures him, and with the help of Cutter West and Mark Andrews a painful interrogation begins. Blue ties Max up and strips him down. When Max refuses to talk Blue starts to work his cock over and he doesn’t stop until Max shoots.

That’s just the beginning of Max’s ordeal. Blue unties him and with the help of Cutter and Mark the three take turns pounding his ass. When they’ve had enough fun fucking Max all three of his captors shoot massive loads on his chest and leave him laying there soaked in their jizz.

Still captive and tied up, Max is at the mercy of his captors. Cutter comes back to humiliate him some more by jacking off and shooting a load on him. Just as Cutter starts to cum, Max attempts a daring escape. Max returns a hero and is reunited with is buddy Alec. The two are more than happy to see each other and quickly strip down to have some real fun! Max and Alec take turns sucking each other off and worshiping their hairy muscular bodies. Drew Andrews walks in on the action and this time he’s invited to join in the fun. Max sucks Drew off and then offers up his ass for a good fucking. Alec gets in on the action fucking Drew while he pounds on Max and in the end all three of them lay side by side as they shoot their loads.

Released: 1996
Stars: Alec Powers, Blue Blake, Bryan Kidd, Cutter West, Drew Andrews, Marc Andrews, Max Grand
Studio: All Worlds Video
Director: Jeff Kincaid

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