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Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2018, 14:17

Blackout Gang Bang [720p]

Blackout Gang Bang [720p]

Title: Blackout Gang Bang
Genre: Twinks
Runtime: 86 Min.
Language/s: English
Video Stream: DVD-RIP
Audio Stream: Line
Video Codec: MPEG-4 DivX / Xvid
Size: 2703,69 MB
Parts: 6 files
Password: gaypower


Gorgeous Czech twinks, Martin Corvin and Lukas Leung, head to the UK for a cultural exchange with a difference. No worries about the language barrier here - sex is sex whatever your nationality or colour! As the two boys ably demonstrate when teamed up with this bunch of horny, mega-hung Brits.

Young blond-haired wonder, Martin Corvin, and his fellow compatriot, Lucas Leung, almost look like a pair of rabbits caught in the glare of oncoming headlights when they first enter the room - and no fuckin' wonder! They're confronted, after all, by a collection of some of the hottest, horse-hung studs that London can muster - the likes of Sean, Kyodi and Bobby B, not to mention white lads Matt Brookes and Ian Orson. What's more, the gang of horny hosts makes it very clear right from the word go what they're expecting from their visitors - plopping the two guests down onto their cocks with barely a moment's introduction. Formalities, it seems, isn't a strong point with these guys. All they want to know is whether Corvin and Leung possess the sort of sexual gusto required to feed off the lengths of their thick, uncut knobs. Given from what we've seen of these lads in hits like GRADUATION GANG BANG 2, however, it's no surprise that both boys are more than capable of holding their own when it comes to servicing cock - no matter what the colour that's involved!

Having made their introductions - if you call cramming your cock down some stranger's throat an introduction! - the Brit lads clearly have an urge to see what sort of puckers Corvin and Leung have nestled between their pert, bubble-shaped asses. And what they discover sure doesn't disappoint. Not that we would ever have expected to be the case, of course. Both these Czech beauties have proved - time and time again - is that when it comes to possessing a hungry butt then they're the boys to beat. Little wonder, then, that they're soon purring like pussy-cats when eager black tongues start to dart inside their cracks, loosening them up for the hard session to come. It's the sort of encouragement, of course, that the likes of Sean and Bobby B don't really need. Before you know it they're rubbing their engorged shafts against the lads' butts and legs, desperate to know what it feels like to fuck Czech boys on heat. Fortunately for them, of course, that's exactly what this movie is all about; as Corvin and Leung open like flowers in readiness for a very British invasion!

Having spent their time up until now engaged in the fine art of courtship - well, slurping on 100% British Beef, to be precise! - it's no great surprise that the two visitors are now more than ready to surrender their sweet, east-European asses to some of the biggest cocks they've ever met in their lives. Cue a sweaty, breathless session that sees both doe-eyed beauties having cock after cock thrust up their butts - not to mention down their throats! - as they service the sexual needs of every guy in the room. It's a mission that most youngsters would balk at, but not these boys! Indeed, get ready to see the sort of fiery performance that would win them medals if sodomy was an Olympic sport! Of course, there's no chance of such rewards here - but what both Corvin and Leung can look forward to is a veritable cascade of prime British spunk at the scene's conclusion, as balls of every colour spurt their contents all over the visitors' young, handsome bodies. Believe us, Anglo-Czech relations have never looked so appetising as they do with this bunch of cock-crazed whores!

Released: 2009
Stars: Bobby B, Ian Orson, Kyodi, Lukas Leung, Marshall Law, Martin Corvin, Matt Brookes, Sean
Studio: Raw, Fit Fuckers, Staxus
Director: Zack Hadley

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