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Samstag, 13. Januar 2018, 23:31

Bring On The Studs [720p]

Bring On The Studs [720p]

Title: Bring On The Studs
Genre: Muscle
Runtime: 103 Min.
Language/s: English
Video Stream: DVD-RIP
Audio Stream: Line
Video Codec: MPEG-4 DivX / Xvid
Size: 3047,26 MB
Parts: 7 files
Password: gaypower


Last week we had the phenomenal furry butt of Teddy Torres. And this week we are featuring of the incredibly smooth ass of Brandon Jones. Talk about contrast! Brandon's tan, muscular butt may be sizzling hot but Derek Thibeau powerful adds the fire with his powerful cock. Derek's heavily tattooed, lean yet muscular body is 100% pure sex! And he knows how to take control as he ravages Brandon's smooth hole.

Kayden Grey is back and he's smoking hot, six foot of lean, mean fucking machine with one of the most magnificent, uncut cocks in our stable, so we had to find a suitably horny, willing and able bottom boy to cope with that length, girth and incessant pounding from that whopping, uncut cock, oh so much foreskin! Billy Rock's eyes lit up when we related the 'task' to come, and he grabbed it with both hands and a very willing arse and talented mouth, this sexy, dirty blonde knows how to pleasure a top with a big dick, watch him at work! This scenes a real humdinger as sexy young Billy uses every trick and skill his cock-pig ways have taught him and he leaves gorgeous Kayden well and truly drained and sated ! ( while his own arse is reduced to a delicious, throbbing, aching wound)

Yum, beards, brunettes and strawberry blondes, thats a heady mix . We've been trying to get our sweaty hands on this stud - Matt Anders - for a while and when we gave him the pick of the stable he wanted a hot bod, handsome face coupled with a talented throat and tight, dick milking cock, hey presto - Sam Wallis he delivers the meat and the cream. Our studly spunks can't wait to get onto each others stiff cocks, and YES we know Matt is cut, but for a hunk like that we'd bend our rules as long as he can nibble and lick on Sam's uncircumcised dick, and Matt does like an uncut cock, you know how it is, '' you always want want you haven't got.'' Sam's got his feet up to show off the hole he wants filling and Matt is in like Flynn, licking, fingering, ploughing and pillaging that succulent, wet ring. And when these boys can hold back no longer, just watch that spunk fly and just look and admire at how high and wide Sam spreads those long, lean muscular legs, right up onto the kitchen counter!

When you pit super sexy Northern stud - Sam Barclay, against the big-uncut cock of Scotland - AJ Alexander we know the shoot will be as fun as it is HOT. These lads are playing with AJ's sneaker fetish, luv watching that hunk gasping on Sam's smelly, sweaty sports trainer as he thrusts his weighty, meaty dick up to the bollocks in Sam's juicy hole! Sam's even hotter with the beard and Aj lived feeling it tickling his nuts as Sam swallowed his oversized meat. Our sexy bottom boy is an expert cock swallower even when its as long and girthy as AJ's and as soon as Sam has sucked it to rigid attention he's bending over spreading those sweet cheeks and pushing his fat, uncircumcised dick back as AJ's juicy, uncut tool slides deep....deep inside his hot guts! The guys are at it like pistons, and all the fun and smiles have gone to be replaced with sweat, passion and a soon-to-cum a double fountain of creamy, steamy jizz !

Date Added: 2018-01-06
Released: 2017
Stars: AJ Alexander, Billy Rock, Brandon Jones, Derek Thibeau, Kayden Gray, Matt Anders, Sam Barclay, Sam Wallis
Studio: UKNakedMen
Director: Jonno

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