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Sonntag, 13. Januar 2019, 11:23

The Trainer No Excuses [1080p]

The Trainer No Excuses [1080p]

Title: The Trainer No Excuses
Genre: Muscle
Runtime: 166 Min.
Language/s: English
Video Stream: DVD-RIP
Audio Stream: Line
Video Codec: MPEG-4 DivX / Xvid
Size: 6436,36 MB
Parts: 13 files
Password: gaypower


Get ready to get ripped and sweaty with the bodybuilders and instructors of "The Trainer: No Excuses". These intense, motivated fitness pros and muscle studs are all working hard to get the hottest physique, and they let off steam by sucking and fucking each other's perfect bodies. Director Nick Foxx leads this fit cast in these fitness fuck sessions that satisfy completely. In this second edition of "The Trainer", there are no excuses for not bringing it all and hitting it hard. Micah Brandt and Alex Mecum are working out when the bulges in their pants get bigger than their bulging biceps. Alex slips his throbbing muscle inside Micah's tight bubble butt and pounds him to a ball draining finish on the gym mat. Trainer Sean Zevran pushes his client, Skyy Knox, beyond the limits of working just his muscles. He gets his client into the locker room and flashes his thick, uncut cock. Skyy services his muscled-up trainer with his eager mouth before he takes the throbbing dick deep inside his ass. Austin Wolf trains Johnny V and Jeremy Spreadums before Jeremy has his legs tied wide open and gets tag teamed as both hung studs pile drive his asshole. The threesome fucks in a chain with Johnny V in the middle experiencing the best of both worlds until all three hunks blow their loads on Jeremy. Josh Conners is training to box as Dakota Rivers holds the bag. Dakota's hot body is all that Josh needs to get on his knees to service the hot hunk's massive cock before Josh bends over to get his ass stretched to the limits. Rex Cameron is giving Arad Winwin a deep tissue sports massage. Rex's big experienced hands make Arad pop a boner as Rex continues to worship the stud's hard body. Arad takes control and fucks his massage therapist on the table with an ending that leaves Rex covered from head to cock with two dicks full of jizz. "The Trainer: No Excuses" will work you out and take your sexual fitness to the next level!

Year: 2018
Stars: Alex Mecum, Arad, Austin Wolf, Dakota Rivers, Jeremy Spreadums, Johnny V., Josh Conners, Micah Brandt, Rex Cameron, Sean Zevran, Skyy Knox
Studio: Hot House Video
Director: Nick Foxx

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